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360 Marketing Solutions, LLC
Edward and Kathy Aardema, Jr.
Affordable Limousine & Party Bus
Agritek Industries, Inc.
Rose Marie Albers
Brent and Randi Alferink
AMC Entertainment Holdings
American Legion Post Unit #6
Dawn Anderson
Anew Salon & Day Spa
Apothecary Gift Shop
Tim Arends
Elizabeth Arendshorst
Thomas and Sharon Arendshorst
John and Regina Armstrong
David and Leanne Ash
Tyler Ashley
John Awrey and Cindy Cutler-Awrey
B.J.W. Berghorst & Sons, Inc.
Kevin and Lisa Bailey
Brian Baker
Larry and Eunice Bakker
Ramiro Balderas
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Gale Bareman
Ryan Barnaby
Barnes & Noble, Inc.
Ana Barrera
Andrea Barry
Joanie Bateman
Gary and Mary Battaglia
Chester and Kathryn Bauman
Kathleen Beal
Jon and Delores Bechtel
Randall and Mary Beekman
Kenneth and Agnes Beelen, Sr.
Benteler Automotive
Berends Hendricks Stuit Ins. Agency, Inc.
Franco and Alessandra Bianchi
John and Judith Bielema
Big Red Foundation
Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness Studio
Brad and Herlinda Bodkins
Boer's Transfer & Storage, Inc.
Kelli Boerkoel
Constance Boersma
Drew and Julie Boersma
Daniel and Kate Bolt
Roger and Ruth Borr
Ted & Pat Bosgraaf
John and Sharon Bouma, Sr.
Bowdies Chop House
Carol Boyce
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Bradford Company
Judson and Kathy Bradford
Judson and Catharine Bradford
Tommy and SarahBeth Bradford
Kendall and Susan Brandsen
Brew Merchant
Larry Bridges
Barbara Bright
James W.F. and Donna Brooks
JoAnne Brooks
Scott and Amanda Brooks
Jeff and Amanda Brouwer
Leslie Brown
Brownson Properties, LLC
Ronda Bruursema
Buffalo Wild Wings - Holland
James and Martha Bultman
Steven and Sherri Bushong
Michael and Laura Camarota
Richard and Alice Ann Camarota
Matthew and Sheri Camp
Captain Sundae, Inc.
Robert and Susan Carlson
Maria Carrizales-Alonzo
Cento Anni LLC
Gerald Chambers
James and Dorothy Chamness
Charter House Innovations
Mark and Kathy Chase
Jeffrey and Francine Chelepis
Cherry Republic
Gregory and April Christie
Kim and Michele Cioffi
Coastal Container Corporation
William Cohen
Rodger and Renee Collins
Comcast Corporation
The Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area
Kristi Conde
Crane's in the City
Onalee Crane
David and Ruth Crouch
Crown Motors
Clifford and Erma Cuneo
Ronald and Jessie Dalman, Sr.
Adam and Jessica Daly
Daniel C. George, D.D.S., M.S., P.C. & Cameron H. George, D.D.S., M.S.
David and Carol Hall
Steven and Rayna Davids
Everett Davidson
Roger and Florence DeGraaf
Beth DeJong
Brian and Sandra Dekkinga
Douglas and Sandra DeKock
Miguel Delao
Thomas and Kathy DelBene
Scott and Kaitlin DeMaagd
Thomas and Susan Miller DenHerder
Dominique and Julie DeNooyer
Robert and Colette DeNooyer, Jr.
Cynthia Dephouse
Dean and Mary DeRidder
Garth and Mary Deur
Lee and Linda DeVisser
Rick and Elly DeVries
Angeline DeWitt
Gary and Joyce DeWitt
Mary DeWitt
Kelly and Jeanne DeWys
Jeffrey and Jennifer Anne DeYoung
Wilford Dilbert
David Dirkse
David and Anne Dirkse
Glenn and Janet Dirkse
Lamont and Ruth Dirkse
Bret and Erin Docter
Troy and Julie Dokter
Michael and Beverly Donahue
Brian and Martha Douthitt
Anthony Drew
Larry Drew
Martin Dugan
Jordan Dunn
Arlene Dykstra
Thomas and Lois Dykstra
Dynamic Corporation
Eastern Floral & Gifts
EBW Electronics, Inc.
Edith Hemmeke
Jill Edstrom
Jody Eidt
Michael and Kimberly Eilander
Herbert and Patricia Eldean
Jeff and Cherie Elhart
Kathy Elhart
Kenneth and Margaret Elhart
Thomas and Rosemary Ervine
Thomas Ervine Jr. and Susan Lee Ervine
Constance Essenburg
EV Construction
William and Elaine Evenson
Evergreen Sprinkling, Inc.
Fabiano's Karate
Fairly Painless Advertising, Inc.
Steven and Rita Falk
Brandon Fast
Frederick Feldman
Beth Felicelli
Fence Consultants of West Michigan, Inc.
Fenn Valley Vineyards
David and Nancy Field
Fifth Third Bank
Francis and Janice Fike
Russell and Margaret Fincher
Five Star Real Estate Lakeshore, L.L.C.
Fleetwood Group, Inc.
Robert Flores
Ron and Patricia Flynn
Bruce and Susan Formsma
Thomas and Julia Foster
Frances Jaye
Perry and Cindy Franco
Freedom Village Activities Account
Katherine Frieling
Roger and Kathy Fries
Dennis Fulton
Fustini's Oils & Vinegars
Russel and Kerry Fyfe
Christopher and Yvonne Gale
Gap Foundation
Hector Garcia
Chuck and Julie Geenen
Scott and Jackie Geerlings
Gentex Corporation
Gary and Mary Genzink
Joel and Carol Genzink
Tom and Joan Genzink
LePra George
Tim and Jodi Gerrits
Jack Gisinger and Martha Winsche
Global Concepts Enterprise, Inc.
Global Parts Source, Inc.
GMB Architecture + Engineering
William and Patricia Goebel
Maria Gonzales
Gordon Food Service, Inc.
George Goris
Jason Grant
Greater Ottawa County United Way, Inc.
Justin Greathouse
Sean and Rene Growney
Virgil and Kathleen Gulker
Craig and Karen Hall
Marie Hamilton
Harbor Health and Message
Mark and Angela Harder
Janet Harter
Stephanie Harter
Philip and Katherine Hartgerink
Haveman Electrical Services, Inc.
Haworth, Inc.
Matthew and Jennifer Haworth
Jana Hazekamp
Heart of West Michigan United Way
Rebecca Hedin
Nathan Helberg
Timothy and Anne Hemingway
David and Sally Hemmeke
Ron and Sue Hemmeke
Herman Miller Cares
Herman Miller, Inc.
Daniel and Anne Heyns
Dan and Diane Hickey
Ulf and Patricia Hierlwimmer
Michael and Colleen Hill
Douglas and Paula Hoeker
Peter and Diane Hoekstra
Mark and Robyn Hofmeyer
Shirley Hoksbergen
Holland Board of Public Works
Holland Cakery 'n' Sweets
Holland Junior Welfare League
Holland Litho Printing Service, Inc.
Holland Peanut Store
Holland Police Department
Holland Young Professionals
Thomas and Phyllis Hooyman
Kenneth and Barbara Horner
Kyle Hosteller
Sara Houser
Howard Miller Company
Heidi Huizenga
J. C. and Tammy Huizenga
Celia Hulst
John and Susan Hutchinson
John and Elsa Hyde
Impact Fab, Inc.
Inontime, Inc.
Donald and Suzanne Israels
ITB Packaging, LLC
ITC, Inc.
J.J.B. Hilliard, W.L. Lyons, LLC
Erin Janetski
Shirley Japinga
John VandeBunte and Heide Kenjorski
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Bruce and Margaret Johnson
Dan and Barbara Joldersma
Bryan Jones
Mike and Donna Jorritsma
Joseph and Margaret Imrick
Martha Joynt
JP's Coffee & Espresso Bar
JR Automation Technologies, LLC
JR Bouwkamp & Associates, Inc.
George Julius, Jr
Scott and Rachael Jungling
James and Virginia Jurries
K&R Truck Sales, Inc.
K-Line Industries, Inc.
Paul and Linda Kalkman
LaVerne Kane
Michael and Tina Kanis
Karla's Place
Lyle and Amy Karp
Thomas Kean
Kendall Electric, Inc.
Bounma and Thepphachak Khemphet
Kilwin's Chocolates of Holland
Earl and Arlene Kleinheksel
Lloyd and Celia Kleinheksel
Kenneth and Margaret Kleis
James and Nancy Knister
Robert and Lucretia Knittel
Calvin and Carol Kolean
Larry and Diane Kooiker
Tycen Kooiker
Robert Kool
Brian and Cathy Koop
David and Karen Koop
Dan and Jan Koster
Franklin Kraai
William and Tracy Kramer
Brian and Tina Krapohl
Jon and Kathy Kroeze
Lois Kronemeyer
Sharon Kruse
Lakewood Construction
Jack and Lois Lamb
Paul and Linda Lambert
Jean Yves and Lisa Landry
Landscape Design Services, Inc.
Arlyn and Marcia Lanting
Larry and Karen Mulder Foundation
Julie Leach
Jon LeFurge
James and Irma Lehman
Lemonjello's Coffee
Tom and Janet Lesher
Liberty Plastics, Inc.
Richard and Marcia Lievense
Lighthouse Insurance Group, Inc.
Jim and Sarah Lilly
Paul and Julie Lilly
Judith Linn
Eric Long
Coty Lopez
Katie Lopez
Nico Lopez
The Lost City
The Louis and Helen Padnos Foundation
Scott and Stacey Lubbers
Thomas and Debra Ludwig
Lugers Family Foundation
Lois Lugten
Douglas and Nancy MacDonald
Major Brands Oil, Inc.
Brian and Marianne Manderfield
Edward and Diana Marsilje
Samuel and Jean Martin
Marv's Car Lot, Inc.
Mary Jane Rhoades-Soucey
Marzec Chocolate
Bruce and Carla Masselink
Judith Mastenbrook
Betsy Mathiesen
Anna Matthews
Wayne and Diana Mavis
Jane McCarthy
Kevin and Kathleen McDowell
Johnathan Medrano
Meijer, Inc.
Gail Meincke
Robert Melcher and Cameron George
Barbara Melgaard
Merchant Services
Matthew Messer
Metal Flow Corporation
Jim and Karen Michner
Midstate Title Agency
Midwest Construction
Jennifer Millard
Alan and Mary Miller
Betty Miller
Howard Jack and Lisa Miller
Jack Miller
Melinda Miller
Philip and Nancy Miller
Peter and Debra Mokris
Tony and Elly Muiderman
Donald and Susan Mulder
James and Nancy Mulder
Larry and Karen Mulder
Haans and Anita Mulder
Ruben Munoz
Joan Musgrave
Richard and Susan Muzzy, Jr.
David and Carol Myers
National Bulk Equipment, Inc.
National Vision
Beba Navmovski
Nefty's Barber Shop
Nehra Family
Kevin and Colleen Nelis
Ryan Nelis
Gary and Margaret Nielsen
Justin and Jill Norcross
Northwestern Mutual
William and Lori Notier
David and Margaret Novakoski
Joseph and Jennifer Novakoski
Judith Nykamp
Phil and Kim Nykamp
Old Navy
Thomas and Pamela Olson
One Car Audio and Wheel
Barbara Otis
Ottawa Kent Insurance Agency, Inc.
Overisel Lumber
Donald and Suzanna Paarlberg
William and Kirsten Paarlberg
Shawn and Christy Pacanowski
Mark and Wendy Pacholke
Doug and Nancy Padnos
Jeff and Margaret Padnos
Mitch and Karen Leslie Padnos
Jose Padron-Hernandez
Marcia Page
Steven and Michele Panse
Park Township
Pat's European Fresh Flower Market
Patrick and Sharon Shanahan
Brent and Amanda Patterson
Pereddie's Bakery Deli & Restaurant
Phil and Jill Perkins
Perrigo Company
E. Suzanne Pettinga
Michael and Tina Pietrangelo
Dana Pink
PNC Bank
Clifford and Nancy Ponstein
Tom and Pat Postma
Rodger and Amanda Price
Providence Christian Reformed Church
PRP Wine International
Kenneth and Barbara Puzycki
Wayne and Linda Pynnonen
Quality Car Wash
Steven and Gail Racelis
Ryan and Bethany Rademacher
Russell Radford and Debra Sikanas
Ronald and Debra Ralya
Randy's Carpet Care
Kim Rankins
Matt Rankins
James and Lori Raterink
Christopher Todd and Angela Bono Reed
Joseph and Geraldine Reed
George Renaldi, Jr.
John and Mary Renaldi
Request Foods, Inc.
Retro Boat Rentals
Rhoades McKee Attorneys
Dale and Jane Rhoades
Peter and Jill Rhoades
Mary Rich
The Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation
Kevin and Kathleen Ridlington
Alfonso and Esmeralda Rios
Robert DeNooyer Chevrolet, Inc.
Rockford Realty
Juan Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez
Daniel and Debbie Rooks
Karen Rooks
Helen Sue Ropers
Ross Rose
Nancy Rottschafer
Royal Technologies Corporation
David and Jennifer Rozman
Donna Rumple
Martin and Sara Russell
Ed Ryan
Robert and Diane Ryan
William and Diane Ryckbost
Rachel Sabala
Bart and Jennifer Sak
Stephen and Emily Santellan
Myron and Donna Sawyer, Jr.
Shelley Saylor
Michael and Cynthia Schaap
Charles Schipper
Kathleen Schipper
John and Remi Schloff
Marilyn Schmidt
Mary K Schoon
Jon and Leesa Z. Schram
Randy and Wendy Schregardus
Tim and Mary Jane Schreur
Douglas Schrotenboer
Helmut Schurman
John Seidelman
Semco Energy Gas Company
Rebecca Shankwiler-Brown
Michele Shannon-Wildt
Dorothy Sherburne
Shoreline Container
Shoreline Orthopedics
Jack and Mary Siebers
Sight Eye Clinic PC
Charles Sligh, III
Smith Gas Liquids Company
Bob and Kaitlyn Smith
Timothy and Lynn Smith
Snow Babies of West Michigan
Soils and Structures, Inc.
Fred and Rosemary Sotok
Jeff and LeeAnn Sotok
Craig and Wendy Spoelhof
John and Judy Spoelhof
Scott and Jan Spoelhof
Steve and Valerie Spoelhof
Springview Foundation
Mike and Ann Staed
Thomas and Marta Stanley
Gordon and Barbara Stegink
Robert and Deborah Pool Sterken
Robert and MJ Stivers
Gregory Stroh
Jeff Stuttman
Bill and Sally Swets
Matthew Szkopiec
Taco Bell Foundation
Elliot and Elaine Tanis
Lori Tanis
Ty Tanis
Christopher Taylor and Nicole DeNooyer
Merrill Taylor
Lindsay Tebo
Techno-Coat, Inc.
Teerman Lofts
Kenneth TerHaar
Third Reformed Church
Thomas and Sharon Schaap
Constance Thornhill
Donald and Lise Topp
Larry and Linda Topp
Susan Topp
Asher Tourison
Town & Country Group
Trans-Matic Mfg., Inc.
TSFR Apple Venture LLC
United Methodist Women
Jon and Susan VanAllsburg
Rob and Katie VanArk
Brian and Alex VanBeveren
Jay and Adelle Vandaalen
Thomas and Karen VanDam
Geneva VandenBrink
Vander Lugt Capital Management
Susan Vanderbilt
David John VanderKam and Gwen Anne Bergsma
Brett and Pamela VanderKamp
Edward and Mary VanderKooy
Ron and Blossom VanderPol
Brett VanderSlik
Steve and Jill VanderVeen
Gerard and Gwynne Vanderwall
Jerry and Norma VandeWege
Julia VanDomelen
Deanna VanDyke
Scott and Stacey VanDyke
VanDyken Mechanical
Chase and Gina VanDyne
Daniel and Ann Marie VanEerden
Jeff and Joan VanFossan
Steven and Margaret VanGrouw
Roberta VanHarn
AJ and Elise VanKampen
Michael VanOmmen
VanWieren Hardware, Inc.
Geneva VanWieren
Dirk and Ann VanZalen
Richard and Amy Veenhoven
Martin and Megan Veliz
Velo City Cycles
Howard and Julie Veneklasen
Bernice VerHage
Village Inn Pizza & Sport Grille
Liana Villagran-Reinink
C. Lynn and Mary E. Vincent
Renee Visser
Lee Voigt and Robin Williams-Voigt
Daryl and Pauline Wabeke
Brian and Colleen Walker
Shawn and Dawn Walton
Kurtis and Kristin Wassink
James Weatherwax
Bente Weitekamp
Hubert and Ann McGlothlin Weller
Kenneth and Christina Wells
West Michigan Community Bank
Western Tel-Com, Inc.
Dana Wildt
Mary Wilkos
Cecil and Elizabeth Williams
Craig Williams
David and Jennifer Williams
Bob and Joan Williams
Brad and Wendy Willoughby
Amy Wilson
Ed Wilson
Roger and Wilma Winkels
Bradley and Casey Wollenzier
Wolters Electric, Inc.
Woman's Literary Club of Holland
Women's Ministries Third Reformed Church
Woodward FST, Inc.
Workday, Inc.
Worksighted, Inc.
Tony and Ann Worthington
Nancy Wright
Scott and Sheryl Wright
Tony and Nai Yung
Jose Zavala-Villafuerte
Zeeland Family Dentistry
Timothy and Julie Zeller
David and Jan Zessin
Zip Xpress, Inc.
Renee Zita
Thomas and Alice Zlotucha
Rick and Carol Zuverink

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