We Sum Up Our Mission in Five Words.

The Boys & Girls Club is more than a cool, safe space to hang out after school.
Our life-changing programs are delivered by youth development professionals who firmly believe that five words can make a world of difference.


Holland Heights Club | Grades 5 –7

This program teaches leadership, allowing club members to participate in various service projects around town.

Lead League

South Side Club | Grades 1 –4, 8 –12

This program teaches youth the importance of teamwork and being a respectful and kind team player. It also provides our teens and elementary youth to form mentorship bonds. 

To Graduation & Beyond

North Side Club | Grade 12

This program gets members who are in their final year of high school with pre-graduation guidance, helping ensure members have a plan for after high school

Work Related

North Side Club | Grades 5-7

This program is affiliated with the ‘Big Bux’ program, and incentivises a focus on academics.

Cast Club

North Side Club | Grades 4 – 7

This program dives into the world of Podcasts, teaching members all the essential podcast tools, an includes practice fun-filled interviews

Mission Imposterble

South Side Club | Grades 1 – 4

During this program youth play an “Among us” type game with educational tasks that focus on- science, critical thinking, reading, engineering, math, and physical activity.

Power Hour

South Side Club | All Ages

During this program youth of all ages are able to get the homework help they need with staff and volunteers to assist them.  The program is funded in part by the Greater Ottawa County United Way in support of their Education initiative to ensure that all our communities youth are progressing from grade level to grade level to graduation!

Superior Threads

Holland Heights Club | Elementary & Middle School

This program teaches members basic sewing skills. Kids will learn to create & repair every day items with sewing. 

Soaring to New Heights

Holland Heights & North Side Clubs | Grades 1 – 4

This program explores art’s surealism and self-expression. Members experiment with gouache, spray paint, clip art, and other digital venues

Make Your Mark

South Side Club | Grades 8 – 12

This program gives youth the chance to use their voice and work together to create something special and meaningful to them. Teens work together to design a Tshirt for them and their fellow Club Members and staff to wear.

Curtain Call

South Side Club | Grades 1 – 4

This program teaches youth about acting and works to get them out of their shell through doing silly ice breakers and fun games. 

The Big READ

Holland Heights Club | Grades 1 – 4

This program dives into diverse book and book topic analysis. Members will explore books using food music and art.

Sakwamdo Boxing

South Side Club | All Ages

Sakwamdo Boxing has partnered with the Boys & Girls Club to teach boxing skills to youth of all ages.

Write It Out

South Side Club | Grades 1 – 4

This program gives youth the chance to learn the art of journaling to express their thoughts and feelings.

Emoji Ninjas

South Side Club | Grades 1 – 4

This program teaches youth about different emotions they may feel- like happy, angry, hungry, or positive. It teaches youth how to work through negative feelings and live into the positive ones.

Legends of Tefiti

South Side Club | Grades 1 – 4

This program brings youth through the movie “Moana” and teaches them about the characters and the way they all have a purpose and a place in the community to be a leader. Youth also get to work on fun crafts that represent each character during the program. 

Gateway Preschool

Investment in early childhood school education is an investment in our future workforce and leaders. Our partnership with the Gateway preschool program and Holland’s Ready for School initiative provides opportunities for our Club families to enroll their children in a high-quality preschool experience.

Club Art


South Side Club & Main Offices
435 VanRaalte Ave Holland, MI 49423



North Side Club
583 Riley St. Holland, MI 49424



Holland Heights
856 E 12th St. Holland, MI 49423


Douglas Elementary
261 W Randolph Street Douglas, MI 49406

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Holland is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax-exempt organization as designated by the Internal Revenue Code. Our Federal Tax ID number is 38-2756671.